Welcome to Outback Naturals ™


G’day and welcome to Outback Naturals ™.

We are a second and third generation nutritional supplement company with roots going back to the early days of the natural products movement. Although originally from Australia, we have lived in America for over thirty years.  Our father, Peter Gillham, having started in the supplement business over 40 years ago, developed the multi-award-winning Natural Calm, which is the best-selling magnesium supplement in the natural products market. We grew up in an environment surrounded by the latest breakthroughs in natural health and nutritional breakthroughs when most people considered “One-a-Day” an adequate vitamin supplement.

Our current environment is not much different with over thirty years of continuing nutritional innovation and research into quality natural health products, whole foods and supplements. It is that experience and passion for quality health products that we bring to you through Outback Naturals ™.

You will find that you can always trust the products you will find available on this site. We will not sell anything that we have not personally used and researched for safety and efficacy. We offer them to you with the assurance that you will be purchasing a product that is not empty promises or hype but based on grounded scientific research and a history showing the products to be safe and effective. We welcome you to the Outback Naturals ™ family.




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